xinmsn: May – June 2014


Published stories on xinmsn for May and June 2014 (from latest to earliest)

20th June: Stars who dedicate themselves to charity work
14th June: Who Killed The Lead: Of laughter, blood and tears
11th June: 黄俊雄欧萱赴上海宣传 《球在你脚下》打入中国
4th June: 谢宏辉拍自捅戏胸口破皮 胡佳琪暴力折断刀
2nd June: Lorraine Tan and local songbirds croon songs of kindness
30th May: Terence Cao: Celebrity in Singapore, teacher in Cambodia
26th May: A series of unfortunate events for Elvin Ng
23rd May: Wickedly memorable fairytale villains we hate to love
21st May: Yvonne Lim meets George Clooney in Shanghai
19th May: 黄俊雄被中年女子搭讪坐大腿 害怕太主动的女生
12th May: 和刘子绚没亲热镜头 黄俊雄渴望“加戏”
8th May: 黄炯耀遭徐彬撞伤腰 与张振寰周崇庆成患难之交
5th May: Jesseca Liu unleashes violent tendencies on Elvin Ng?

Translated features:
23rd June: From not to hot: Overnight celebrity hunks
13th June: Charlene Choi wants to put marriage on hold
3rd June: Chen Hanwei transforms into a madman
27th May: Wang Dawen is grateful towards Vanness Wu and Stefanie Sun
23rd May: Jia Jia moved to tears by Mayday’s Masa
20th May: Jam Hsiao guards himself against overzealous fans


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