xinmsn: March 2014


Published stories on xinmsn for March 2014 (from latest to earliest)

28th Mar: Yvonne Lim is engaged
27th Mar: 男友当众下跪求婚 林湘萍哭着答应
27th Mar: 胡佳琪崇拜刘子绚 欲追K-pop歌手梦
24th Mar: 陈泂江晕倒挂彩恐毁容 带伤献唱昨出院
21st Mar: 谢宏辉盼当上男主角 田铭耀想演智障儿
21st Mar: Elvin Ng wants to start a family?
18th Mar: Tay Ping Hui gets tough on Ian Fang and Zhu Houren?
12th Mar: Jesseca Liu pens her first script
10th Mar: 黄俊雄欲成家 怀疑面临“中年危机” 
5th Mar: 刘子绚受邀当编剧 情愿不收稿费

Translated features:
24th Mar: Sharon Au is married!
18th Mar: Chen Hanwei stars as a crybaby
17th Mar: Pan Lingling is recovering from breast cancer
14th Mar: Fann Wong: Christopher Lee reads to unborn baby every night


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