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Singaporeans Against Poverty


Contributed on a volunteer basis to ‘Singaporeans Against Poverty’.

1) Vincent Thor’s story:

Text: Candice Neo
Photos: Terence Leong

Vincent is a visually-handicapped resident who stays in a two-room rental flat in Singapore and takes care of two other blind men. Having been diagnosed with kidney failure recently, the former busker can no longer strain himself physically, which causes him to struggle to make ends meet. With his accumulating medical expenses, how can he overcome these challenges?

2) Sheila’s story:

Text: Candice Neo
Photos: Terence Leong

As a single mother, Sheila struggles to raise her nine-year-old daughter Vidya, whom she places all her hope in. Having escaped from an abusive marriage, she’s rebuilding her life again with Vidya in their three-room rental flat. But life isn’t easy – Sheila’s plagued with a myriad of health problems that has made her physically unsuitable for work. What help is she given? How does she cope?

The above photo stories can be viewed at the Singaporeans Against Poverty website.


xinmsn: May – June 2014


Published stories on xinmsn for May and June 2014 (from latest to earliest)

20th June: Stars who dedicate themselves to charity work
14th June: Who Killed The Lead: Of laughter, blood and tears
11th June: 黄俊雄欧萱赴上海宣传 《球在你脚下》打入中国
4th June: 谢宏辉拍自捅戏胸口破皮 胡佳琪暴力折断刀
2nd June: Lorraine Tan and local songbirds croon songs of kindness
30th May: Terence Cao: Celebrity in Singapore, teacher in Cambodia
26th May: A series of unfortunate events for Elvin Ng
23rd May: Wickedly memorable fairytale villains we hate to love
21st May: Yvonne Lim meets George Clooney in Shanghai
19th May: 黄俊雄被中年女子搭讪坐大腿 害怕太主动的女生
12th May: 和刘子绚没亲热镜头 黄俊雄渴望“加戏”
8th May: 黄炯耀遭徐彬撞伤腰 与张振寰周崇庆成患难之交
5th May: Jesseca Liu unleashes violent tendencies on Elvin Ng?

Translated features:
23rd June: From not to hot: Overnight celebrity hunks
13th June: Charlene Choi wants to put marriage on hold
3rd June: Chen Hanwei transforms into a madman
27th May: Wang Dawen is grateful towards Vanness Wu and Stefanie Sun
23rd May: Jia Jia moved to tears by Mayday’s Masa
20th May: Jam Hsiao guards himself against overzealous fans

xinmsn: April 2014


Published stories on xinmsn for April 2014 (from latest to earliest)

27th Apr: 粉丝为Violet粉樱庆生 安排豪华车接送
14th Apr: Pornsak酸赖怡伶脸皮厚 赞杨伟烈有主持潜质
9th Apr: 米雪追求朴实生活 爱情一切随缘
6th Apr: Celebrity couples who conquered the age gap with love

Translated features:
22nd Apr: Olivia Ong is ready to fall in love
8th Apr: Pan Lingling and Huang Shinan share their cancer fighting journey
th Apr: A date with Puff Kuo and Kim Heechul

xinmsn: March 2014


Published stories on xinmsn for March 2014 (from latest to earliest)

28th Mar: Yvonne Lim is engaged
27th Mar: 男友当众下跪求婚 林湘萍哭着答应
27th Mar: 胡佳琪崇拜刘子绚 欲追K-pop歌手梦
24th Mar: 陈泂江晕倒挂彩恐毁容 带伤献唱昨出院
21st Mar: 谢宏辉盼当上男主角 田铭耀想演智障儿
21st Mar: Elvin Ng wants to start a family?
18th Mar: Tay Ping Hui gets tough on Ian Fang and Zhu Houren?
12th Mar: Jesseca Liu pens her first script
10th Mar: 黄俊雄欲成家 怀疑面临“中年危机” 
5th Mar: 刘子绚受邀当编剧 情愿不收稿费

Translated features:
24th Mar: Sharon Au is married!
18th Mar: Chen Hanwei stars as a crybaby
17th Mar: Pan Lingling is recovering from breast cancer
14th Mar: Fann Wong: Christopher Lee reads to unborn baby every night