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xinmsn: January 2014


Published stories on xinmsn for January 2014 (from latest to earliest)

26th Jan: Getting intimate with Cynthia Koh & Hayley Woo
24th Jan: Bubblegum romances in K-Dramas 
21st Jan: 专题:今年海外重头剧 续集最吃香?
16th Jan: 5 things you should know about Ah Boys to Men: The Musical
8th Jan: Lizz邀李偲菘合作 自掏腰包圆歌手梦
3rd Jan: What chills your bones in horror flicks


Translated features:
24th Jan: Nat Ho is releasing a Mandarin album this year (read original article here)
18th Jan: Asian power couples in showbiz (read original article here)
17th Jan: Kristal Tin supports husband Chapman To’s R-rated films (read original article here)
3rd Jan: Aloysius Pang gives Ya Hui his first onscreen kiss (read original article here)


xinmsn: December 2013


Published stories on xinmsn for December 2013 (from latest to earliest):

30th Dec: Show Luo craves for old-school romance
23rd Dec: 郭蕙雯产后复出难投入 片场情绪崩溃
19th Dec: 陈汉玮:林慧玲可以超越郑惠玉
19th Dec: Jackie Chan “moonlights” as a hairdresser
11th Dec: 雅慧包勋评被爆搞暧昧
6th Dec: 陈凤玲和李至正“雨中见真情”


Translated features:
27th Dec: Ian Fang’s “First Attempt” in fashion (read original article here)
27th Dec: Quan Yi Fong’s daughter makes a stab at showbiz (read original article here)
24th Dec: Chen Hanwei: Rebecca Lim can surpass Zoe Tay! (read original article here)
20th Dec: Tiffany Leong recovering from liver cancer (read original article here)