Monthly Archives: July 2012

Seti’s Orphans


Two months after the fatal and unexpected flood triggered by landslides and the overflowing of the Seti river, we revisit Sardikhola, a village in the Leknath municipality that lost several villagers due to the flood. The ones suffering are the ones who remained. This includes 20-year-old Amrit Pun and his 13-year-old sister Chahana. who lost their parents and a little brother at the hot spring, where disaster hit.

Published in the Nepali Times. Read the story here.



Seven women, Seven summits


Seven Nepali women who were the largest all-female team to scale Mt Everest share how they overcome their struggles with prejudice in a patriarchal society and are now scaling the seven highest peaks in the world.

Published in the Nepali Times, 13th July. Read the story here.