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Larger than Life – A look at Care for the Dying in Singapore


Palliative care, or care for the dying, had been a neglected sector in Singapore’s health care for many years. The pace of developments had been slow, with little publicity to raise awareness on the issues related to caring for the dying. But as our team began to look into the issue this September-November period, pace has started to pick up as well, with more discussions on death – which is culturally a taboo topic among Singaporeans – in the local media to stimulate more public discourse. Forums are also held to raise awareness of the importance of preparing for death.

Our team spoke to patients undergoing palliative and hospice care, doctors and caregivers alike to share with you insights on what constitutes palliative care, what people should know about it, its importance in today’s society and the problems faced by patients as they journey through the darkest moments of their lives with chronic illnesses, and how their loved ones and health care givers accompany and support them through these periods.

This is the final project by the pioneer batch of Advanced Broadcast Journalism students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, September-November 2011.

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Elderly in Poverty


Tucked away in a little corner in Chinatown, yet ironically just a stone’s throw away from one of Singapore’s most high-end districts, lies a small neighbourhood with a cluster of one-room flats. A significant number of elderly people live in the area, and most of them were cautious when we approached. We managed to speak to three elderly residents in the area, and we bring you a snippet of their stories of how they ended up renting a small, dusky room, shared with one or two other people, and which may even be bedbug-infested.

Some of them say they are contented with the living conditions, some just make-do, while some dream about moving out to a better place. Yet time appears to stop at this place where they dream, watch the days pass slowly, and wait for life to get better as they struggle to save up and break out of the poverty cycle.

This is the second story by Ly and Candice, for COM229 Broadcast Journalism.

[The story was the Best Broadcast Journalism Story of the semester at the Nanyang Spectrum awards April/ May 2011!]

Chasing Celebrity Dreams


As the KPop wave has caught up in Singapore, many young Singaporeans now aspire to follow in their idols’ footsteps to enter the Korean Entertainment Industry. With annual JYP and Alpha auditions, KPop dance and vocal classes springing up, this does not appear to be an impossible dream now.

Find out more as we speak to some potential celebrities and professionals in the industry.

This is the first story by Candice and Ly, for COM229 Broadcast Journalism.

The Most Inspirational Sports Stories 2011


Published in xinmsn Sports.

Photo feature: Inspirational stories in the year’s sporting history – which includes New Zealand’s win in the Rugby World Cup, the Malvericks’ NBA victory, and both famous and lesser-known sporting figures who have overcome adversity.

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